Menu Ospizio Bernina



Poschiavo mixed cold cuts and cheese
CHF. 19.00

Poschiavo prosciutto
CHF. 18.00

Poschiavo salami with anise bread
CHF. 8.00




Large mixed salad
CHF. 16.00

Mixed salad as a side dish
CHF. 8.50

Mixed salad with sausage and cheese
CHF. 17.00

Mixed salad with sausage
CHF. 15.00

Green salad with sausage
CHF. 11.00

Tomatoes and mozzarella
CHF. 13.00

Tomato salad with onions
CHF. 7.00


All our dishes are served with bread from Poschiavo that is made with anise and is donut-shaped. The crisp crust hides a soft interior with aniseed. The bread is made from rye flour and retains its flavour and aroma unchanged for many days.
Of course, you can also purchase this bread from us (fresh or frozen)
CHF. 4.50




Grisons barley soup
CHF. 9.00

Grisons barley soup with sausage
CHF. 11.00

Simple bouillon (broth)
CHF. 7.00

Bouillon with egg
CHF. 10.00

Bouillon with omelette
CHF. 9.00

Hungarian goulash
CHF. 9.00

Bouillon with sherry
CHF. 9.00

Vegetable soup with bread croutons
CHF. 10.00

Cream of potato
CHF. 9.00

Cream of potato with sausage
CHF. 11.00



Main dishes

Carpaccio of Bresaola (air-dried salted beef) with parmesan and porcini mushrooms
CHF. 17.00

Chicken Nuggets with French fries
CHF. 14.00

Chicken Cordon bleu with French fries
CHF. 18.00

Sausage with French fries
CHF. 10.00

Grilled breaded pork with side dish
CHF. 22.00

Grilled pork steak with vegetables
CHF. 20.00

Beef stew with pasta of the day
CHF. 20.00

French fries
CHF. 7.00

Panini with bresaola, ham, prosciutto, cheese, salami
CHF. 7.00



Cheese fondue

Original glacier fondue mix “Motie – Moitie”
Pontresina Dairy

Green salad appetiser
Diced rye bread with anise

Classic cheese fondue
CHF. 25.00

Cheese fondue with lots of garlic, paprika and kirsch
CHF.  29.00

Side dishes
CHF. 4.00
Cucumber and spring onions

Fondue supplement CHF. 15.00




Engadin nut cake
CHF.  5.00

Torta della nonna
a soft cake made with ricotta and pine nuts
CHF. 5.00


*All prices are in Swiss Francs CHF, incl. 8.0 % value-added tax.